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Youth Group and Bible Club - 2019-2020


     Bible Club and Youth Group start again at 7pm on Wednesday, October 2, 2019.  You can find the full schedule here including dates we will not be meeting.  This year we are using the book God's Wisdom by Sally Michael.  It is another book in the same series as the books we have been using for several years.  While it is not necessary, we strongly encourage you to purchase the book. You will be able to help your children better understand the lessons and verses.  You will grow in your understanding of God's Word. And, you will be able to read the book with them again in the years to come as it is a book intended to be read in a family setting.  

     Each child will be able to earn points for verses learned and for completing a reading assignment each week.  Please have your children be ready with the verse(s) before they come as we prefer to give points for verses learned ahead of time.  The award at the end of the year will be a night of bowling. As usual please have your child(ren) at the church before 7pm and pick them up at 8:30pm.  We would like to have more adults to help with verse listening and lesson time.  If you are able to help please contact us here.

     Finally, please be praying for the teachers and the students as we go through the year.  Pray that the Gospel would be explained, understood, and believed.  

Download the full verse booklet including the memory verses and schedule here.

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