Weekly Update

Sermon Review

The Spirit of truth keeps us from falling away from Jesus by teaching us about Jesus.  He is sent by the Father and Jesus.  He is truth and not just truthful.  When He teaches us about Jesus we can not help but speak of Him.  Abide in Jesus and Him in you.  

Praises and Prayer Requests

  1. Don - Still recovering from eye surgery.

  2. David and Myrna - After being told their insurance would cover David’s MRI he had it done right away.  Myrna’s doctor is telling her she needs special shoes to accommodate her feet.  After David’s MRI it was reported to them they would have to pay the $3,000 dollar/person deductible on their Obamacare plan.  The total cost for both the MRI and the shoes is about $3500 they will have to pay out of pocket.  This will be extremely difficult for them. 

  3. Somehow we have failed to mention Victory Valley in our prayer time this summer.  They have been going strong throughout the summer and are continuing on.  There are only a few weeks left of the summer camp program where kids are learning the Gospel.  Please pray the staff would have stamina to make it through the final weeks and that the children who come would see the glory and greatness of God in the lives of the counselors and staff.  

  4. Hannah is going to be teaching a Creation Camp this week at their home. They have 11 children lined up. Pray that the Gospel’s foundation would be clear through the teaching this week.  

  5. Dee's half brother, age 59, died on Thursday from kidney failure.  A graveside service will be held at 2pm on Monday at the Salem Bible Church cemetery.  The family has asked Pastor Bryan to speak briefly and to be sure to speak the Gospel.  Please pray for clarity in the short presentation and that God would redeem HIs people who are there and have not trust Him yet.  

  6. Lisa’s mom started her treatments of chemotherapy last Monday.  She is scheduled to get them every two weeks on Mondays.  The one type of chemo specifically causes extreme sensitivity to cold and even cool objects.  To get things out of the fridge she needs to have gloves.  Drinks must be room temperature.  The cold causes her severe pain and when she swallows something cold she has the feeling of constriction of the throat.  On top of that she is having a lot of nausea and is not able to eat a lot.  Finally, the one chemo that will have some other major side effects was not started last week due to the slow healing of her incision.  She is scheduled to start that August 8.  

  7. Our gathering of believers - Please pray for us as a body of believers meeting together as we have been growing in numbers.  Pray for the elders to have wisdom to lead the congregation through the changes and adjustments necessary.  Please pray for one another as we see God continue to work in each other’s lives and in our congregation as a whole.  



Scripture Memory

Psalm 5:1-2

1 Give ear to my words, O Lord; consider my groaning. 2 Give attention to the sound of my cry, my King and my God, for to you do I pray.


  1. Prayer - This week we started accepting the prayer requests in a new way.  Please fill out a prayer card on Sunday mornings and put it in the offering or give it to Pastor Bryan.  The requests will be published via email and the website.  Of course, if you have a request you can call or send it to Pastor Bryan any time of the week.  

  2. Sunday Night Church History Videos - August 7 and September 18

Helpful Resources

  1. Book - Calling on the Name of the Lord - this book, by Gary Millar, is the focal point of the new adult Sunday School series on prayer.  

  2. Article - Why Voting for Donald Trump is a Morally Good Choice by Wayne Grudem - This article is unusual for me to post since it is political and related to the elections.  I found some helpful comments in the article and thought I would pass it along.  You may not agree with all the ramifications he lists but there are some compelling elements in it.  

  3. The sermons from John 15 are posted on the website. If you would like previous sermons please email or call Pastor Bryan.