Sunday School - 9:30 am


Adults and Teens

The Book of Luke



In the children's classes, teachers work

to engage each child in a hands-on

lesson that reinforces what the

parents are teaching in the home. 


Sunday Worship - 10:30 am


On Sunday mornings we are studying the book of Hebrews. See the order of service for updated information of what the next text is and be reading the book of Hebrews so you can be familiar with it. This will greatly increase your learning the book.  

Examining The Scriptures

Every Thursday evening a Bible study titled "Examining the Scriptures" will be held where we will study each verse of the Bible starting Genesis and going through Revelation. When you come, please bring your Bible! The format is simple, read the verse, discuss important words found in it, consider other references in the Bible, and discuss the meaning and importance of the verse. Each verse is understood in its context. Each verse is also examined for a lesson about God and/or ourselves. This has already been a rich study with an enthusiastic group of people. Don't miss out!